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2.Focus on Product Sweetener as an Ingredient (for candy, syrups, toppings, etc.)
3.Focus on Diabetes and Diabetics
4.Focus on Sports Energy
5.Focus on Weight Control (Weight Loss)
6.Focus on Biotics (prebiotics and probiotics)
7.Focus on Fiber
8.Focus on Sugar Alternatives
9.Focus on an energy drink (tablet) alternative
10.Focus on Kosher Sales (Ingredient and Sweetener)
11.Focus on Pre-Probiotic Global Health

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Life Energy Foods LLC 
4390 South 2300 East Salt Lake City, Utah 84124

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Natural Nutritious Sweeteners
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Life Energy Foods™

"Sugar's Healthy Alternative"

Life Energy Foods has developed nutritious sweeteners that are rich in 100% natural prebiotic fiber derived from health promoting fructans that are extracted from vegetables. In contrast to sugar and other sweeteners, fiber-rich fructans provide many health benefits..

Although more and more information has come out recently regarding the health risks associated with sugar and artificial sweeteners, millions of consumers remain unaware of these risks.

Because of their healthy ingredients (including fructans and natural low or non-caloric plant-based sweeteners), our products are designed to replace your diet of unhealthy sugars and artificial sweeteners you may currently be using.

At the same time, because of the prebiotic fiber they contain, these products promote good intestinal health.

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​Life Energy Foods™ 
Life Energy Foods LLC 4390 South 2300 East 
Salt Lake City, Utah 84124
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The statements contained in this website have not been evaluated by the Food & Drug Administration. These Life Energy Foods products are not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any disease. Fructalyn™ is the trademark name for fructan fibers which are foods not a supplement